Transforming Talented People into Extraordinary Leaders

I believe in the “butterfly effect” – where one small event can cause a chain reaction leading to massive change somewhere else.

I believe that with 7.5 billion people in the world, one personcan change the world – for better or worse.  That person very well could be YOU!

I believe every single individual has the potential to initiate the butterfly effect and impact the world. That is both encouraging and frightening. Since leadership is a complex skill that does not come naturally (it must be learned) it is more critical now than ever before to teach the skills of leadership to as many people as possible.

I believe one must first know how to lead him/herself in order to effectively lead others.

– If they don’t believe in a mission or vision for themselves, they are handicapped to create one for a team or organization.

– If they don’t understand their own emotions, they are handicapped to understand and influence social dynamics.

– If they are undisciplined and disorganized in their own life, they will be handicapped to provide the necessary structure and accountability for a team.

– If their personal lives are out of balance, they are handicapped to lead their team in a sustainably productive way over the long term.

– If integrity is lacking in their personal life, it WILL be lacking in their professional life.

I believe leadership development must begin very early – before one is put in charge of others. Waiting to teach leadership is more costly in every respect.

I do NOT believe in teaching leadership through thousands of boring slides. I prefer demonstrations and practical applications that engage people, so they walk away with a skill, not a head full of jargon they will soon forget.

I do NOT believe in telling you what to do. I prefer to empower you with tools and knowledge of the possibilities, then let you figure out what’s best for you and your organization. If I tell you what to do, then you’ll become dependent on me. I don’t want that and neither do you.

I do NOT believe in hype, woo woo stuff, getting something without working for it, shaming or belittling others, rigidity, or coddling. I prefer rational thinking, flexibility, challenging people with achievable stretch goals, energizing positivity, listening with empathy, and balance.

I do NOT believe that people who have never actually led others, have never prevailed through adversity, or who never achieved much of anything can teach or serve as a role model for others on doing these same things. I led thousands of diverse people in arduous conditions around the world, led projects and programs valued at up to half a billion dollars, and advanced my leadership knowledge through senior military schools, a master’s degree in leadership, and a substantial amount of self-study. I am exceptionally qualified to do what I do.

I do NOT like what I see in politics, social media, or Hollywood. It looks like one, giant, never-ending Jerry Springer show and not like anything remotely resembling true leadership. Unless you actively do something to counter the toxic effects of these influences, they will affect your people, and they will affect you personally.

I believe you and your people are capable of achieving incredible things, no matter your background, and of becoming a team that succeeds and wins in small things, big things, and seemingly impossible things.

I believe you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose by having a relationship with me, through free content, through paid products and services, or by joining me in my mission to make a difference.

An ordinary woman with an extraordinary career