Consultation for organizational leaders

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Book a free 30-minute consultation.  In our consultation, we'll examine your goals and determine if we're a good fit.

If we decide to work together, here's what you can expect:

  • We will craft a 10 point Philosophy of Leadership that is very specific to your organization, mission, and vision.  No two are alike.  This will take some time as each point, each word, is very carefully selected.  It is not something to rush.  It is possible to accomplish in as little as 30 days, or it can take as long as a year.  This is a product we work together on along with your senior staff, as I serve as the lead facilitator and mentor.  We may produce several drafts before you settle on a final version.
  • We will develop an implementation plan to ensure your Philosophy of Leadership supports the culture and brand you seek for your organization.  You might discover in this phase that other actions are needed such as training for key people, revised processes, a branding refresh, or other calibrations necessary to synchronize your organization with the Philosophy of Leadership.
  • Me on retainer to help calibrate your Philosophy of Leadership and navigate implementation for as long as you wish.  This is especially useful if your organization goes through an acquisition, experiences rapid growth, or encounters a major and unexpected change in the business environment.

How to UNLEASH the talent in your organization with a "Philosophy of Leadership.” 

This carefully crafted, ten-point philosophy outlines the expectations and boundaries for all leaders in your organization.  With a Philosophy of Leadership, you will transfer tremendous power to your people by letting them initiate, innovate, and do just about anything on your behalf (within reason) as long as it conforms to the Philosophy of Leadership.  A Philosophy of Leadership is especially useful in a distributed operational environment were you as the leader cannot be everywhere and must rely on people at a distance to lead on your behalf.  Another area of huge benefit is to the scaling start-up business were alacrity, precision, and flexibility are paramount to success.  A Philosophy of Leadership provides a powerful framework by which you can trust your people to take the right decisive action on your behalf so you as the leader can focus on bigger things rather than getting caught up in the details.

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