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Valerie L. Bérubé

  • Author of "Polish Your Star: Three Minute Daily Lessons to Become an Extraordinary Leader"
  • Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (Retired)
  • Masters in Leadership, Oklahoma University
  • Project Management Professional (PMI)
  • Program Management Professional (PMI)
  • Member of the John Maxwell Team




Personal Development Topics

KEYNOTE:  Your Primal Mind - Understand It So It Works For You, Not Against You.

Workshop and Speaking Topics

The Three Laws of the  Mind: What They Are, and How They Empower or Sabotage Your Life

Communication Science: The Four Elements of Every Conversation, Why They Matter, and How to Navigate and Leverage Them in Your Favor

Access The "Smart Part" of Your Brain With These Proven Techniques for Brain Health and Performance

The GEMS Model of Leadership, What It Is and How to Use It to Improve Every Area of Your Life

Leadership Topics

KEYNOTE:  How to Keep You and Others Operating from the "Smart" Part of the Brain

Workshop and Speaking Topics

The "Strategic Corporal" and How You Can Leverage This Concept in Your Business

The Marine Corps' Eleven Leadership Traits: What They Are and How To Adapt Them to Bring Out the Best in Your People

The Marine Corps' Fourteen Leadership Principles: What They Are, and How They Can Elevate Your Business to Greatness

When There's Not Enough of "You" to Go Around: How to Duplicate Yourself with a Ten Point Leadership Philosophy

"What's the End State?" - What This Means, Why It's Crucial to Efficient Productivity, and How to Implement This Concept in Your Business

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Keynote Speaking: $2,500 for 60 minutes, or FREE if permitted to sell from the stage (90 minutes).   

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